eTAP offers comprehensive K-12 curriculum. Students have access to all grades and subjects, and varied resources are provided to satisfy all learning styles.  Test prep is available as well.

What do other homeschoolers think about eTAP?

I have been homeschooling my son since sixth grade. I somehow stumbled on the fact that he was a visual learner. Once I knew this, I tailored his curriculum to his learning style. The program I am using for him stopped at 8th grade level. I needed to find a high school program that would give him the type of instruction he needs to avoid unnecessary frustration because of his learning style. I showed him numerous demos from schools offering high school curriculum, but he would immediately tense up as he watched the demos, then tell me he didn’t like that school. Almost all online high schools, that I found, are geared toward those who are audio learners.

Finally, I found eTap. As soon as I watched the demo, I felt that this was something my son would like. I showed him the demo and he watched the whole thing, which was a positive sign, and when the demo was over he said “Yeah, I’ll agree to that.” I knew I had found the right curriculum, and the price was wonderful.

To learn more about eTAP, click here.  Note, that they offer a free trialRight in time for back to (home) school!

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