Free Online Printables for Back to School

As autumn approaches, it’s time to get back into the school groove. Free Printable Online offers a wide variety of educational materials including worksheets, lessons plans, and crafts to get your homeschooling lessons off to a great start. Whether you’ve taken the summer off and are resuming classes, or you’re just entering the fall quarter of learning, these resources will help you get organized.

Fall is a great time to review the materials learned in the previous year, and to prepare students for another annum of education. Enhance your lessons with school supplies and printable crafts such as pre-formatted paper, graphing paper, and rulers! Also, consider decorating your educational area with our quotes and sayings, such as our motivational posters!

Emphasize the season with our harvest time coloring sheets, autumn-themed calendars, and autumn leaves blank cards. We have many printable coloring pages that provide students with hours of fun.

Consider offering your students a lesson on the fruits and vegetables harvested in autumn. We have some of the most interactive printable worksheets on the net. You can also invite other homeschooling families to take a field trip to a local farm. Our nametags will help everyone keep track of each other and have fun!

Another idea is to study animals and have a discussion about hibernation and migration habits: what do different animals do when it gets cold out? How do animals stay warm? What kinds of food do they eat? A great field trip for studying animals is the local zoo.

Or, have your own ideas? Use the tag cloud or the search box to find educational materials suited to your lessons. We have a great collection of lesson plans to keep you organized in your homeschool education.

All in all remember that going back-to-school does not mean getting away from fun. If anything, learning should imply fun. Keep your kids engaged with hands-on stencils and folding crafts. You can amp things up with our printable music, either singing along with lyrics or practicing piano tunes. During their free time, your children can enjoy our wide variety of coloring pages or try out some games, like our printable crossword puzzles.

It’s time for fall. That means back-to-school, but it also means learning new things, trying fun activities, and spending time with family. With us, you have a great collection of resources, and if there’s something you want but can’t find, simply let us know.

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