Summertime is a word that brings a smile to most children’s faces, because to a child summertime is synonymous with freedom.  For weeks now, children have been spending their time doing what kids like to do, playing, swimming, riding bikes, and generally enjoying the long lazy days of summer vacation.

Summertime, like all good things, must end. The days of freedom and fun must give way to learning and schoolwork. Right? Not necessarily. Of course children must learn and work on educational activities. But no one has to sacrifice the freedom of summer in the name of learning.

Free World U believes passionately in the importance of keeping freedom in education. One way Free World U supports this is through the freedom of choice, offering students and families four different programs that meet all the different needs of parents and students.

  1. The entire searchable preK-12th grade instructional curriculum – comprised of nearly 120,000  virtual flashcards – is free to all who wish to use it
  2. If you feel the need for more from a school, Free World offers programs including an independent program with assessments, for $9.95 a month
  3. Free World U also offers an independent version of the online school, for $19.95 per month.
  4. If a diploma program is of interest, Free World U offers the NWAC-accredited preK-12  program for just $90.00 a month.

Free World U believes that parents should have options and the freedom to decide where, when, and how they want to educate their children. They have a right to the freedom to decide how much help they want from the online program they choose. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to educating children. Children are not like the paper dolls cut out in a chain with each looking just like the last. Children come in a remarkable and delightful variety, each unique and deserving of an education that can be adapted to their needs.

Children should be able to carry many of the freedoms of summer throughout the academic year. Free World U offers programs that are fun, fast, and easy enough to leave free time… that means time to ride bikes, learn to play musical instruments, dance, and do whatever else your family wants to do.

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