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Ten Great Reasons to Subscribe to World Book Online

With all of the free resources available online, why should you pay for an online reference resource like World Book Online? Here are ten great reasons why you and you might want to subscribe to World Book:

  1. Verified facts – When you use a search engine like Google to find an answer to your question, there is no way to know if the web sites that come up were written by professionals, and no way to know if the facts on them are…well…factual. World Book Online is written by a crack team of editors and academics from all over the world. The information there is verified, up-to-date, and always factual.
  2. World Book Online is easy to use – The articles on World Book Online are written with accessibility in mind. Rather than using overly-technical language, World Book is written at a level that most children will understand, but still contains information that even adults will find useful.
  3. Multimedia – World Book Online contains thousands of maps, photos, videos, and audio files.
  4. Primary Source Document s- World Book Online features a database of primary source documents like the contract for the sale of Alaska, amongst others.
  5. Citation builder – Remember when you were trying to do research projects as a child and you had to build a citation page? With citation builder, World Book builds citation pages for you.
  6. You can take World Book Online wherever you go – World Book Online is optimized for use on mobile devices including smart phones, and tablets like iPads.
  7. Timelines – World Book Online includes a timeline builder that your young learners can use to build timelines, or to look at existing timelines.
  8. Downloadable ebooks – With World Book Advanced (one of the World Book Online Databases) you get access to downloadable ebooks like “Great Expecations” and the works of William Shakespeare.
  9. World Book Dictionary/Atlas – With World Book Online, you also get access to great World Book Dictionary and Atlas content.
  10. Databases for your little ones, and your big kids – World Book Kids is optimized for the youngest learners,World Book Student is the perfect database for middle school students. and World Book Advanced gives your high school student everything s/he needs.

World Book Online is the perfect tool for your kids from the time they start school to the day they graduate and beyond.

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