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18 August 8:03 am
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{{This article is part of our Asheville With Kids series.}}

Tupelo Honey Café

We had the pleasure of partaking in a breakfast smorgasbord while visiting Tupelo Honey Cafe.  Biscuits and honey came to the table with our coffee; they rose high and melted in our mouth.  We tried everything from the sweet potato pancakes to the eggs and bacon. It was a proverbial “Sunday morning” at our large family table, filled with generous helpings and friendly banter.  Tupelo Honey works hard to source their ingredients from local farmers, and the freshness resonates in each morsel. Even the baby was enjoying the fare, nibbling away at Daddy’s asparagus while we talked.

Tupelo Honey works for the singleton eating at the bar, or a large family of 6, like ours.  You know you’re at a kid-friendly joint when there are ten selections on the child’s menu, and it (like the main menu) offers gluten-free and vegan options.  The wait staff was awesome; even with a huge morning crowd, our server never missed a step.

I am most excited to share with you about the community work Tupelo Honey is doing for Asheville, and each of the cities where a Tupelo Honey Café resides.  For example, in Sullivan (near Greenville, SC), they partner with Mill Village Farms.  Mill Village Farms is a community farm like no other.  This non-profit employs the neighborhood kids of this underprivileged area of town, and teaches them job skills, organic agriculture, and entrepreneurship.  While they do this, they grow fresh produce for families in the neighborhood who are in need. If you are interested in learning more about Tupelo Honey and Mill Village, here is a great video.

Tupelo Honey Asheville

Disclosure: Thank you to the city of Asheville for assisting us on our family adventure. Thank you, also, to Asheville Treetops Park, Biltmore, Tupelo Honey Café and Doubletree Hotel for their complementary contributions to our Asheville adventure.   While we appreciate their kindness, it never deters us from reporting our honest opinion. Find Lesli on Google+.

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