A Solid Understanding of Technology–a guest blog post from Youth Digital

A solid understanding of technology, and a fluent application of tech skills is not just critical but important for your child’s future success. As technology becomes a larger part of our lives, and is utilized in all fields, the most successful students will be able to connect their technical proficiency with their talents, skills, and interests.

In addition, technology drives innovation in all areas from music to space exploration, creating entirely new economies, companies and careers. In other words, the economies and jobs of tomorrow have not been invented yet. When we consider how 3D printing, for example, is changing the world of manufacturing as well as medicine it’s clear that real innovation is coming from groups and individuals with creativity and technology fluency. Successful companies are finding new applications and developing new software. It’s really an exciting world for those who have a mastery over technology, see the connections, and are creative. It goes beyond learning just how to code but how to create.

Youth Digital believes that in addition to developing solid technology skills, it is just as important to understand the relationships between technology and other fields, and to be able to use technology in innovative and creative ways.  Our students come in with the natural curiosity of children, and we offer them the skills and processes to use technology creatively, and bring their dreams to life.

Game development is both an enjoyable hobby now and valuable technical understanding for the future. Students have fun bringing their ideas to life, and really taking ownership of the development process, instead of just playing apps and games. As they work to create their games, though, they’re also learning essential skills like coding, logic, technical fluency, and seeing a project through to completion. In this way, game design is an incredible first step for many students into the future career paths of an increasingly digital world.

While no one can predict just what the economy or careers will look like in ten or twenty years, we do know that technology is an ever-increasing part of success in any field. Fluency with technology will continue to be an essential skill, no matter what career path your child ultimately pursues.

Starting in October, Youth Digital will be publishing information and news about technology trends and innovations as a resource for parents and children, showing the possibilities and hopefully sparking a young person’s creativity. Connect with us on Facebook at to keep up with our tech blog for families!  Also, join us at Youth Digital, to see some of the innovation by our homeschoolers.

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