Expand Your Curriculum with 4Knowledge-4Fun!–a Guest Blog Post

At 4Knowledge-4Fun we provide new products that encourage a pro-active learning environment– a setting where your child can, and will make the personal choice to reinforce curriculum outside of time which is pre-scheduled for learning. Bring on the enthusiasm for learning with toys that your child will ask for again and again. You can even join in too!

One product that has this effect on children of any age and the occasional adult as well is the Mighty Mind series. This colorful puzzle toy comes with 32 plastic design tiles and thirty reusable template slides. The designs require problem solving and fine motor skills to complete. When you have mastered all the prepackaged copies there are more to purchase and an expansion with additional slides and tiles intended for older children. The series is sure to provide hours of quiet educational brain exercise.

Whereas quiet learning is appreciated, there is well documented proof that music exposure improves the ability (especially in children) to retain knowledge. So if you decide to learn The Fifty Nifty United States this year, accompany your song with an excellent trivia and board game to cement the knowledge. It would be worthwhile to pick up a copy of the Educational Insights Game, Name that State to discover many of the great historical attractions listed in your own state!

Accordingly, on the way to visit the nearest capital or state park, you can keep your child entertained in the car with the lovely workbook series Stick Kids. The Math Puzzlers workbook for the third grade is an excellent example of a quality educational activity book containing a Sudoku style math puzzle, word problems and pattern recognition all within three pages! These are an appropriately challenging and well-structured line of workbooks great for your flexible schedule.

Also, at meal times it will be beneficial to remind your younger hard working student that they should always make time for good manners. One pack of our Blunder Preschool Manner Mats from Patch Products Inc. contain over one-hundred and fifty activities spread throughout thirty-eight removable sheets. The activities encourage proper table manners and subtle inclusions into social skills such as conversation starters and jokes.

Certainly every parent can find themselves behind after preparing an evening meal. If you frequently find yourself rushing to prepare the next activity, it could be helpful to collect a few fabulous science kits from Ravensburger. This German company is well known for their imaginative and quality jigsaw puzzles and WOW products. Their science kits are one in the same and are chalk full of great science experiments for your next rainy day. A few of the kits include the Nature’s Energy, Exploring Careers and Optics Kit.

All in all, the most exciting fact about each of the products listed is that they are all readily available for you in the “Back to School Section” of our website ( for 25% off with the coupon code bts25 through September 5th. You will also find classic favorites such as the outdoor Stomp Rocket by D&L Company and select Britto art supplies to make the most out of the rest of your summer. Feel free to send feedback and follow our blog for more events and sales year round. Happy shopping!

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