Free PSAT Online Classes

September 17, 2013
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Free PSAT Online Classes


Not sure if the PSAT is something that your homeschooled student should to take? This post asks you some key questions to help you figure out the best strategy.

The PSAT is completely optional for homeschool students – but although students may not need to take the test, there are a lot of benefits to taking the PSAT — your student will miss out on these benefits if  he doesn’t take it. Ask the following questions to help make the decision regarding the PSAT–

Is your child planning to go to college?

If your student is (and most are), then the PSAT is a must – it’ll help prepare your teen for the SAT/ACT better and more completely.

If your student is going into a trade or still considering his or her options, you may still want to encourage your child to take the PSAT for a few reasons. The PSAT can qualify students for scholarships they might otherwise not know about nor had the ability to receive. They can also choose to receive information from colleges, which may sway their decision one way or another.

Does your student like being challenged?

Those students who like being challenged would do well to consider taking the PSAT, even those who don’t plan on attending college. That’s because the PSAT doesn’t require students to memorize anything, and instead tests your child on his/her current knowledge and the information given to the student in the test itself. Your student will have to be able to think on his or her feet and recall what she’s previously learned.

Also, since the PSAT provides your teen with feedback and correct answers after test completion, you and your child will be able to see what areas out of math, reading, and writing sections she needs to work on. This is highly valuable to know if your child wants to focus her studies in the last few years of high school – and perform better on the SAT.

Would you like your student to end homeschool studies on a high note?  

The PSAT test will not only point out what areas your teen needs to work on before he graduates (as pointed out in #2), but it will also help him do better on other subjects in your homeschool curriculum. Since the PSAT is timed, students can practice pacing and test-taking skills without worrying about it affecting overall grades. Taking the PSAT, learning these skills, and applying them in their other studies will make it easier to complete high school curriculum – as well as prep for the increased challenges in college.

The PSAT might seem unnecessary, but it has many benefits that apply directly to the end of your student’s homeschool studies. Choosing to take the PSAT is not likely to be something that your student or you will regret.