Lunches Around the World–From Little Passports

Kids around the world are preparing to go back to school—and back to home school–that means new studies, new adventures and … lunch? Yes, that’s right! Let’s visit different countries and see what yummy foods  kids eat every day!

France – French children enjoy a 3 or 4-course meal that is made from high-quality ingredients, and are mostly made from scratch. Typical lunches have a variety of dishes and ingredients, such as grilled fish, salad, red beans, seasonal vegetables, garlic sausage, fruit salads and chocolate flan (just to name a few).


Japan – In Japan, the  lunch ingredients are locally sourced and almost never frozen.  You can expect to find lots of rice, vegetables, fish, soup, and meat on the plate.


South Africa – South African  meals have natural ingredients such as corn, squash, sweet potatoes, and yams. There’s also rice, soft porridge, and meat that is sprinkled in with the vegetables. A special stew is made called potjiekos (named after a potjie, a three-legged pot), which originated from Dutch settlers. The cook puts vegetables, meat, potatoes, and spices into the pot, which is heated by small amounts of wood and twigs. After cooking, the result is a delectable stew!


Colombia– Colombian lunch ingredients usually vary from region to region, but can contain rice, potatoes, fruit, beans, meatballs, and vegetables such as corn and avocados.


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