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Simple and easy to use software to improve your homeschooler’s computer experience  from NetSupport School


Looking for a better way to integrate computer usage into your homeschooler’s instruction?

Featuring components such as real time instruction tools, a testing and quiz module; the ability to view and control the student’s screen, Internet and application usage, NetSupport School is designed to keep students on task. Also, its new mobile/tablet device support, gives you great flexibility.

What do other Homeschooling parents say?

“As a parent of multiple age range students, this software has allowed me to extend myself to provide the individual attention and assistance needed as they each work on their different assignments.”

“My children engage in online coursework daily so the security of being able to monitor their activity as well as the ability to work from my personal machine or iPad while assisting them with questions or troubleshooting is invaluable.”

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