Standard Deviants Light Speed supports homeschoolers by offering comprehensive video courses designed to teach core curriculum subjects and test prep. Standard Deviants programming covers the most difficult elementary school, middle school, high school and college courses—their DVDs provide a “fun approach to serious education”.


Some of the most popular Standard Deviants video titles include:



You can see the entire list of Standard Deviants Light Speed videos by clicking this link.

Each Standard Deviants course includes a video program plus a Digital Workbook that follows along with the program to reinforce the video material. The subject matter correlates directly to state standards (a good place for homeschoolers to start–Standard Deviants understands that homeschoolers tend to go beyond the core).

You can see a product review of Standard Deviants here.

You can see a sample video here.

Standard Deviants videos can be purchased singularly or as part of a super-pak (4-5 videos covering an entire subject). Costs range from approx. $15 for a single video-$50 for the super-pak–making this an affordable homeschool option for your family. Standard Deviants –“a fun (and affordable) approach to serious education”.




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