10 Reasons High School Students Need A Solid Foundation in Math

 Author: Brenda Rufener

Algebra, geometry and calculus – Who needs them? High school students often wonder why these math classes are required. But according to educational experts, studying algebra will pay off.

Below are 10 reasons high school students need a solid foundation in math:

  1. Balance a budget.  Math skills taught at a very early age, addition and subtraction, are the foundation for learning advanced math. We use math in all areas of life, including balancing a checkbook and using credit cards wisely.
  2. Follow a recipe.  Most high school students are able to prepare a meal for themselves or their family. But without math, the recipe may not turn out as well as you’d like. Recipes require measurements. The calculator may not always be available in the kitchen.
  3. Get into college.  Math skills make it easier to get into college because most universities require a certain amount of math for admission. Rather than backing out of high-level math courses in high school, meet them head on as you prepare for your future.
  4. Lose less money.  Instead of throwing your money away at get-rich-quick schemes and wealth pyramids, you’ll be ready to put your money in a place that makes you money. This is especially true if you learned statistics in high school.
  5. Earn more money.  Professions that require math skills are some of the highest paid careers available. From surgeons to dentists, engineers to architects – having a solid foundation in math will pay off.
  6. Gain employment.  Math skills are useful in all areas of employment. Learning math in high school and gaining a solid foundation will help make you more marketable, even in trade positions, such as carpentry, plumbing and computer repair. Math related skills are integrated within many of the trade-related programs at schools and having knowledge of math will make you more likely to succeed.
  7. Expand creativity.  Some people think that math only has to do with logical deduction and therefore opposes creativity. But problem-solving skills with a deep understanding of the material can actually expand creativity.  Innovative ideas and inventions are birthed through creativity.
  8. Keep up with the times.  Our world is changing at a rapid rate. Keeping up with technology and other advances requires security and assurance. When a person has confidence in their math abilities they find it easier to adapt to change on the job. You won’t be scared to press the wrong key.
  9. Save money while traveling.  You can still travel the world without math skills in your mental toolbox, but doing so without getting ripped off is another story. Quick currency calculations may be necessary to understand exactly how much you’re spending on that t-shirt in Rome.
  10. Help your parents pay for college.  One of the fewest types of scholarships applied for is math-related. Why is this? Most kids lack a strong foundation in math and overlook these types of scholarships. Want to stand out? Study the hard math in high school.


No one said you have to become a mathematician because you choose to study math in high school. But a solid foundation in mathematics helps if you want to think critically, understand the relationships between two things, or argue convincing points. Math will open the doors to careers with innovative companies and allow you to keep cool when changes are made. Math is your key to success.

Do you have any other key reasons why having a solid math foundation is critical? Share your suggestions below.

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