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Horse Lover’s Math brings children, horses and math together.  Math questions drawn from the real world of horses are not perceived as “math” but as useful information about horses. One is not asked “Why do I have to know this?”  If the subject matter is about horses, children want to know.

So, how does it all work? Have your kids…..

1. Grab a paper and pencil.

2. Click on any post that interests them. Each post is a real story or news item about horses and ponies. Embedded within the story are math questions based on information found in the story.

3. Answer each math question, and explore the links, videos and photos included in the post.

4. At the bottom of each post is a blue button reading ‘Click HERE to check your answers.’ Horse Lover’s Math Club members are able to click the button to have the answers revealed.  Even without a membership (which is $5/month or less), this site if fun and educational.

And fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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