Best Steps to College

8 October 4:00 am
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A guest blog post written by Dr. Ed Hallberg, Best Steps to College

A college education is the epitome of the American Dream. But entering the college of one’s choice is the result of countless discussions around the dinner table that begin in the 8th grade.  Questions of finance, college major, career interest and type of college are often necessary items of discussion.

As college dean’s of admission we have one sentence that should help parents and students alike,  “Get started early  and make sure you sequence the steps to college as they are suggested to you”.  We have counseled with countless 12th  graders who missed the  steps to college and had their dreams thwarted.

To assist parents and their students, we have designed .  Our site lays out all of the important steps to college from the 9th through the 12th grades.

If  interested visit and/or email us at [email protected].

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