Jazz for Babies!

11 October 4:00 am
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Jazz For Babies is a five album set of gentle acoustic songs by world class musicians for babies, babies-to-be & their grownups.  In each of the Jazz For Babies albums, parents might hear a familiar movie tune, the latest pop song or a classic standard — acoustically — without lyrics. The music not only mellows baby, but calms mom or dad so everyone can get back on track.   Although The Wheels on the Bus is a great song, it  isn’t soothing!  These songs are!

You can order online at or directly from and the iTunes store. All five are available as a set for a special price of $57.45 for CDs or $37.45 for digital albums at

Not just for babies – I listen to it on my commute!

Fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson


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