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More and more, technology that was once confined to professional studios and research laboratories is now accessible in average homes. 3D printers, for example, are becoming available for hobbyists and entrepreneurs to create prototypes easily at home.  3D game development is available for your children to learn at home, as well.  As more technology becomes a part of our lives, it’s clear that young people who learn and understand cutting-edge technology today will excel in their careers tomorrow.

Children are naturally curious, so our online classes at encourage students innate curiosity as we help them learn these essentials skills for our increasingly technical world. We believe that children learn well and retain information when they’re able to apply what they’ve learned in creative ways. This method helps our students develop valuable career skills, from technical fluency in 3D design to seeing a project through to completion, as they enjoy creating their own games. And most importantly, this method helps our students retain what they’ve learned, so they can remember and apply these skills in the future.

Children, age eight and up, can learn to develop games with 3D technology using Youth Digital’s online classes. Our students love seeing their ideas for a fun game start to take shape as they learn about modeling, texturing and lighting. We channel children’s love of games and their innate curiosity to find an inviting way to give them skills for the future.  Our students develop essential technical fluency, as they learn that 3D development is accessible to them on their home computer. This grounding in 3D technology will be a career benefit for young people, no matter what field they ultimately pursue.

We love helping students turn their love of games into creative learning, completed games, and technical fluency. This hands-on process is effective and great fun for creative children! When they complete the course, our students have learned about volumes and materials, about lighting and design choices, about angles and coordinates, and they’ve enjoyed doing it.

Our students also love showing their finished projects to their families. Whether you’re a game player or not, you can look at your child’s new 3D game and see valuable technical skills.



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