Back 2 School BONUS – Offering the highest discount ever – 60% off your order

LearningAisle believes in helping students develop real-world critical thinking skills. Using social learning technology they have created a K12 learning environment for “home scholars” that mirrors an Ivy-League education. Homeschoolers use their virtual learning environment to advance academically, question and push each other’ thinking, teach and learn from peers, and be better equipped to think through things and make good decisions in life.

  • Browse K-12 content and select those that suit any learning style, method and pace – choose entire grades, or just individual units or lessons from any subject. Pay for only what you need!
  • Access 10,000 pages of instructional content, 21,000 assessment questions; videos from Khan Academy, PBS,and the History Channel; plus, interactive educational games.
  • Homeschool students can create ‘study lists’ (like iTunes playlists) and share with any other homeschooler.
  • Students can become super learners by collaborating with their peers and by choosing their own teachers and mentors. Students can learn from shared study resources, teacher instructions and parent inputs… all together!
  • Parents can monitor progress and share resources for the common goal of their children’s education.
  • And parents can take advantage of pay-as-you-go plans (as low as $29.99 a month) that bring Ivy league quality to your doorstep at unbelievable prices.  Buy now and get the highest discount ever – 60% off your order!  Just thought you’d like to know!

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