Why should homeschoolers visit Colonial Williamsburg?

This is a guest post submitted by Colonial Williamsburg–and I really like it!  I like that they’re reaching out to homeschoolers–and that they always have.

We recently concluded our annual Fall Homeschool Event in September at Colonial Williamsburg. We created several new programs for this event, and spent a considerable amount of time and resources spreading the word to homeschoolers; however, attendance was a bit disappointing. The event was spread over the usual two-week period, from September 7th through the 22nd. One day, during the program, an angry father showed up, demanding an explanation for why Colonial Williamsburg felt it necessary to provide unique programming and experiences to homeschoolers. He felt it was unfair and discriminated against public schooled students; as they are not given the same opportunities.

Although I was taken aback with his question and concern, I responded by explaining that Colonial Williamsburg is an educational institution with the objective of ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to learn about American History. However, as I pondered his question and studied visitation results, I began to wonder if we are still relevant to homeschoolers.  The decline in homeschool visitation could be indicative of a lack of interest in what we offer. Understanding that there are many competing destinations and much to choose from, why should homeschool families visit Colonial Williamsburg?

There are several reasons why homeschoolers should bring their students and families to Colonial Williamsburg. Not only are we the largest living history museum in the world, we are the primary center for history, citizenship, and democracy. We tell the story of our becoming Americans through street theatre, storytelling, concerts, and other dramatizations.  We have curriculum based tours and study visits that we can tailor to address any subject or meet all standards of learning. There are programs and activities suitable for every age group to experience when visiting Colonial Williamsburg. We are a first class resort destination, inclusive of the Revolutionary City and attractions, evening and daytime programs, guided tours, art museums, restaurants, hotels, golf, a spa and shopping.

We host two annual events exclusively for homeschoolers, with reduced pricing for homeschool families. In 2014, homeschooler events will be held March 15 and 16, and September 6-21. We would love to hear your thoughts regarding our homeschool programming.  I am very interested in your feedback regarding our dates and the type of programming you would like to see. For more information, visit us at  or contact us at 800-228-8389.

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