A treasure we discovered on a cold fall hike in Greenville, SC
A treasure we discovered on a cold fall hike in Greenville, SC

Winter hit the eastern US today with force! This got me thinking about my kids and staying fit as the seasons change from summer into fall and winter. As homeschoolers, it is easy to stay in our jammies, locked away in the house while winter passes by. Don’t let this happen!

Here are 5 ways to enjoy the outdoors this fall and winter with your kids.  So bundle up, and head outside!

1. Fly a kite.  Just a peak out the window to see the leaves bustling about lets you know this is perfect flying weather. Pick up a few from the dollar store and get flying!

2. Build a campfire.  Shove over the snow, pile stones in a circle, and build a small fire. You can huddle around for warmth, enjoying the flames together.  Why not bring out the hotdogs and make it a lunch date?

3. Scavenger hunt. Take a hike and enjoy how Mother Nature changes with the seasons.  Put together a list of must-finds; include things like red leaves, acorns, or dog tracks.  Your only limited by your imagination.

4. Ride bikes. Bikes, trikes, roller skates, skateboards….it doesn’t matter.  Take that equipment to the park (which is often deserted this time of year.)  More adventurous parents can establish a winding obstacle course with rocks, cones, and sticks that children can weave in and out of on their ride.

5. Raise the roof.  OK, maybe not the roof.  However, opening the garage door and pulling out the car can encourage play while avoiding the wind.  In the garage kids can play in a band, have a picnic, or set up a fort for reading books.  Everyone still gets fresh air, without the moisture or wind from the yard.

I began thinking of these ideas when I learned from GoGo squeeZ natural applesauce that almost 75% of children have a problem with playfulness and getting outside.  Winter can be even more challenging. I hope these tips help you overcome that statistic.

GoGo squeeZ is also working with the Rockettes to encourage more play, and they are offering 4 tickets for the price of 3 (basically 25% off tickets) to shows around the country, including Atlanta, West Palm, Tampa, New York, and Nashville.  I am excited to share this discount with our readers. Use the code GOGO to secure this offering. Hope to see you there!



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