the reading game readers can order a discounted, pre-release copy of the 2nd edition of The Reading Game only through the “Give the Gift of Early Literacy” Campaign. This is a partnership between The Reading Game and the non-profit First Book which runs through December 4th which allows backers to GET a Game or GIVE a game to a child in need. For as little as $1 you can help put the Gift of Early Literacy into a child’s hands.

This second edition of The Reading Game develops literacy through game play and builds confidence in reading.  The fast paced memory card games with accompanying flashcards and content-rich storybooks can help ANY child learn to read without frustration. Each card game teaches 30 vocabulary words, taught in manageable five word segments. After every ten words learned through game play, the child is shown the captioned picture flashcard.

After playing the card game, the child can easily read the accompanying book as it is told using ONLY the 30 words learned in card game play.  By the time the sixth card game/book set is completed, the child will have 180 words hard-wired into their memory, many of them Dolch and High Frequency Words for K & 1st and will have successfully read six storybooks!   In 2012, The Reading Game was awarded the Tillywig Brain Child Toy of the Year Award, Dr. Toy’s Best Picks for Children’s Products, The Family Review Center Gold Seal, and a Seal of Approval.  From the author of the Wordly Wise vocabulary series, Kenneth Hodkinson. Includes 6 decks of brightly colored cards, 6 illustrated storybooks, and a Parent’s Guide. MSRP $34.95

GET a Learn to Read Game or DONATE  a Learn To Read Game to a Child In Need via First Book through “Give the Gift of Early Literacy” Crowd Funding Campaign. As little as $1 will help a child in need served by First Book. Please Share!

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