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4 November 4:00 am
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At we get flooded with homeschooling success stories all the time and we thought it was time to share with our readers! Are you struggling with your decision to homeschool at the moment? Do you need some encouragement?

Read some of these amazing homeschooling success stories! Keep homeschooling- it’s worth it!

I started to spend more and more time learning new things at home, working on different subjects and now my hard work has paid off!  I used to spend four to five hours daily at Math for the mathematics competition on and now I’ve been named as the World Champion after getting the top position in World Math Day-2013. Not only this, I was placed 2nd last year, in the same competition! — Husnain

Having grandparents, parents, aunts, and a step-mom all involved in homeschooling has been a family-affair and has brought us closer together as a family.  The Grandparents teach reading and writing and visual arts; Auntie teaches social studies; Dad teaches science, finance and Biblical studies; Step-Mom teaches math, science, and more; and Mom teaches Biblical studies, and pays for materials/education expenses and participation in support group/co-op activities.  The family has created a facebook page to share resources, make a timeline of their journey and make resources available in Spanish. They report the experience this homeschool year has been absolutely AWESOME!  And they’re closer than ever! — The Feliciano Family

It’s very difficult to answer what I liked the most about being homeschooled: it was such a valuable part of my life, a part that so influenced who I am today, that I can’t single out just one aspect. However, if I had to choose, I would say that it was my parents’ philosophy that I valued most, a philosophy that stated, “Homeschooling is all about character; education occurs as a byproduct.” Through being homeschooled by my fantastic parents from K-12, I learned the most important things in life: to love God and to love others. In the process, I also learned to be self-motivated, responsible, and curious, to love learning, reading, and writing, and to pursue the gifts and talents that I have been given with my whole heart. Throughout my time in college, as a Master’s student, and now in my Ph.D. program, I have found that the lessons in character that were instilled in me in my homeschool days have prepared me well for the challenges and opportunities that life has brought me. On a more pragmatic level, some of the things I greatly enjoyed about my homeschool days were the abundance of books I was able to read, the numerous organizations I was able to take part in (AWANA, Girl Scouts, choir, and more), the neat trips we went on during the school-year (my favorite: a three-week visit to Indonesia and China), and the ability to learn at my own pace. — Lynn a first-year Ph.D. student in Marketing at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Also, Lynn just had her first novel published! Her novel, The Quest of the Unaligned (BorderStone Press 2013) draws heavily on her homeschool-based love of learning.

My kids were in public school from the time they were in Pre-K until now. I will be quite honest, I NEVER considered homeschooling until last year. I thought it wasn’t for me, I couldn’t do it and a million other excuses ran through my mind. My daughter who is 8 started getting verbally harassed. Things were said to her by another little boy who “liked her” that should never have been said by a child. It really broke my heart. I felt like the school never properly resolved it. One day my son came up to me and said, “Mom, why don’t you homeschool us? You would be a better teacher and we would have more time to learn since it would be just us.” He is 9 yrs old. This was the best advice a child has ever given me! My son is extremely intelligent. He surpassed his classmates, and was bored much of the time. His teacher felt her hands were tied–that he was on a higher level, but she was not allowed to encourage this, due to school or state standards. She was frustrated. When I told her I had decided to homeschool, she was ecstatic. She said this was the BEST decision I could make for him. I’ve been homeschooling about 2 months now…sometimes I feel overwhelmed and unsure. There are times I feel scared out of my wits that I am messing them up for life…and other times, when I see how happy they are, their smiles, their love for learning…I know without a shadow of a doubt that this was the best decision my husband and I could have made. — Jessica

I was tired of my son getting sick all the time. Last year he almost failed 2nd grade due to being sick. Every time I got him cleared by the doctor another child at school would pass the virus back to my son. So far this year he has not been sick since we started homeschooling. – Karla

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