Are You Creative?

9 December 10:07 am
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Are you Creative?

 By Sofia Figueroa


It seems to be a common misconception that there are only a select few people that have the ability to be creative.  Although creativity comes more naturally to some people, that does not mean that other people have the inability to be creative. Action must be taken to nurture the creative process within each and every person.

But then the question becomes, what exactly are the actions that one should be taking?

There are many different ways that creativity can be promoted in a work and academic environment that can be explored. Each group will have a different way that works the best for them, but here are three specific ones that are easy for a group to facilitate:

  1. Excursion Method – This is where each member of the group thinks through different “what if” scenarios and uses a strong imaginative element to spark large amounts of creativity within each member individually and collectively.
  2. Morphological Analysis – This is a when a problem is split into major parts and then all the major ideas of each part are written beneath. Then the group randomly mixes different ideas and solutions to create solutions that would not have otherwise been thought of.
  3. Role Storming – Different members of the group take on the role of a person who affects or is affected by the problem. Seeing the problem from these different perspectives can create room for new and creative solutions.

Each person has the ability to be creative but it is a tool that must be unlocked and a muscle that must be exercised and trained. The more people that encourage creativity in others, the more innovative the work and educational atmospheres are going to become. More creativity allows room for more success at an individual level and a group level that could not otherwise be accomplished. It is important that we stop looking to “creative people” and start fostering creativity within each and every individual person.


Sofia Figueroa was homeschooled one year in high school and it changed her life and her academic goals. It fired in her a love of learning and she is now the first in her family to attend college. This blog was written for one of her courses taught by Dr. Ryan Hartwig at Azusa Pacific University, where she attends full time.


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