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Coupon Codes for Use at!


Use coupon code cfs40 to save up to 40% off CLEARANCE – Final Sale items.  It’s valid through 12/24.

OR, use coupon code holiday20 to enjoy 20% savings on items in these categories:

Building – Cars & Vehicles – Games

Stocking Stuffers – Plush – Arts & Crafts

Baby & Toddler – Science – Active & Outdoor

It is also valid through 12/24/2013.  It does not apply to CLEARANCE – Final Sale items.

And GREAT news–the coupons are stackable!  This just in from the company–

I wanted to let you know that the Coupon Codes are stackable. We have had a few customers use both Coupon Codes in one order and we set the promotion up to allow that.

That’s amazing!

4Knowledge-4Fun has quite a few items in our recently published Gift Guide.  Did you see them?

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