brain freeze


Winter break is a terrific time to relax with family and friends and enjoy the spirit of the season.  One thing that we do not want as parents is for our children’s brains to freeze up!

The good news?  ThinkStretch is offering FREE BrainFreeze Packets for grades K-5. Each packet has a reading log, math fact practice, writing activity and a fun science experiment. ThinkStretch is also offering a FREE online Brain Freeze Reading Challenge where kids log their winter break reading minutes for the chance to win an iPod touch, Kindle or iPod nano.

Studies have shown that gaps in reading and math fact practice set students back and can make it more difficult to pick up schooling where they left off.  Math skills are lost at the fastest rate in the first two weeks away from skill practice.  Simply practicing a few facts a day keeps them fresh and ready for new learning in the new year!

Enjoy your break and enjoy the ThinkStretch BrainFreeze Packet and BrainFreeze Reading Challenge!

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