San Miguel de Allende is a quaint village in middle Mexico, only about 170 miles from Mexico City.  Cobblestone streets and brightly painted facades beckon visitors from around the globe.  11,000 expatriates call San Miguel home, hailing from Canada, Europe, and America.  In fact, San Miguel has one of the largest American communities in Mexico – large enough to warrant a US consulate. Why San Miguel de Allende? The food. The architecture. The history.  Be forewarned: You might not want to leave!

Stay and Play in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Below are two of my favorite activities from my most recent visit to San Miguel de Allende.

Take a Cooking Class. Nothing epitomizes an exotic culture more than its food.  I took a class from Petit Four Bakery with Chef Paco, and relished every moment.  We began with a trip to the local market where Paco pointed out the freshest fruits and vegetables, and introduced us to the vendors who haul their wares from the local countryside.  From there we donned an apron at Paco’s home. He walked us through a hands-on lesson in preparing a few seasonal favorites, including cactus salad, squash blossom soup, and aqua fresca. Delicioso!

Walk the StreetsEach Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can tour the town of San Miguel de Allende with a local guide.  Be sure to do this at the beginning of your trip; it is a fun way to acclimate yourself to the colonial town. Saunter the narrow streets, lined with colorful walls and ornate doors.  You’ll receive lively and informative insight about the best places to enjoy local eats, and the local history. I also enjoyed the Sunday Home Tour as another way to meet other English-speaking visitors.


Here are two accommodation options for your stay in San Miguel de Allende.

Affordable. Casa Mia are spacious apartment-like suites, ideal for larger families or extended stays.  Enjoy a fully-equipped kitchen (perfect, since you now know how to navigate the local markets,) private baths, internet access, and more.  Budget $80 – 100 per night.

Indulgence.  Casa Misha offers you luxury and pampering. Relax in handsomely furnished rooms, each uniquely designed with French and Mexican antiques.  The spa-like baths, and supple pillows and sheets invite you to stay, but the distinctive views from each private terrace remind you of the avant-garde town that awaits. Budget (a well spent) $300 per night.



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