Why do our kids love being homeschooled? 

Some of our readers answered on Facebook–you can read the answers  below —



Not getting up before their bodies are ready!     Kristy Lilius

Lots of field trips and the ability to learn about whatever interests them – even if that means spending months and months investigating everything about ancient Egypt.     Nikki Thelin

No school on Mondays.     Crystal Hicks Lincoln

My teens say they can stay in their pj’s and sleep till they are ready to wake up.     Peggy Spees

I think my son loves having time to play with his sister…plus he has some school time on the computer! He loves the computer!     Line Upon Line Learning

My daughter said working in PJs, being able to eat good meals and take as long as you like, spending time with family, taking days off for camping and birthdays, and being able to use your brain for your schoolwork.     Lisa Funston   

I have a 2nd and 4th grader and they like being able to set their own schedule and not have to sit in a classroom all day. It’s fun to pick which subjects we do on what days. We all love the flexibility!     Shawna Harvey

Because I like to stay home with my family and because it’s fun.     Paula Faubush

One on one help.     Tammy May  

From my 6 yo–Because mommy makes the best teacher, and there aren’t mean kids here.     Angel Barstow 

My daughter (6) says because we can take lots of field trips! This is our first yr, she’s in first grade.     Jennifer McAdams 

My 14 year old who is in 9th grade said, ” I know that my teacher (my mom) really cares about me and is not there just to get a paycheck.  And I don’t have to get up early everyday.     Michelle Wilson

Thanks everyone for your GREAT responses!  It looks like our kids really appreciate the flexibility and having Mom as their teacher!


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