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Written my Misty Leask

This article is featured in’s January 2014  virtual magazine.  The magazine is themed

New Year…New Inspirations

When mother’s take on the mission to homeschool their children, we often get a running start looking for the “right” curriculum, the “right” way to do it….just to make sure it’s homeschooling the “right” way. We don’t want to mess up, because if we do then our kids won’t be ready for the real world. Don’t forget what the others might have to say if we don’t do it the “right” way. What we so often forget is that God gave us our kids because we are the perfect mother for them. No one else was right for them. He made them for us specifically, so with God’s direction, we alone know how and what to teach our children.

I believe that there are ways to figure out how to teach your children, what to teach them and how to plan it all, in three simple steps:

1. Examine

Before you charge off and buy the prettiest, most elaborate, 5 star rated, all-in-one homeschool package; take time to watch how your children play, do they like to be read to aloud, do they want to “read” to themselves, do they like to cook alongside you, etc.

Everything that your kids do before you begin teaching them will give you insight into what type of curriculum might work best for your children. There are many different  teaching methods and curriculum available. By taking the time to see how your children are learning now, you’ll be able to make a better decision for a curriculum.

2. Inspire

Once you’ve discovered your child’s learning style and selected a curriculum, it’s time to get inspired!  Start by getting your kiddos involved in all of the new books, planners, pens, pencils, organization drawers, art supplies, etc. The more inspired you are about what y’all are going to learn, discover and do together, the more inspired they will become!  Show them that they are an important part of this process. That it isn’t just about “school time”, but that it’s time for learning, discovering and growing together!

3. Expect

You must start off knowing and expecting that things will not always go as planned. Expect there to be days when they want to study something completely off the planner. Plan to embrace these moments, explore their passions and it will increase their desire to learn more! Expect to need a day off here or there, plan to take field trip on a tough day. Expecting these things to happen before they actually do will enable you to accept them when they do come your way.

Homeschooling is a great adventure, and being ready for whatever comes your way is the greatest key to a successful learning experience!

Remember, examine, inspire and expect….in that order, and you’ll be well on your way to loads of learning!


~ Misty Leask from Beautiful Ashes ~

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