Free World U offers a  Basic Extended Program  that provides full 24/7 access to a complete preK-12 searchable curriculum. Daily and weekly progress reports help parents keep track of their student’s work and ease state reporting headaches. This program gives you the freedom to choose how you will educate your children while offering the support you need.

Free World U’s Basic Extended Program also includes:

Assessment tests given at short term and long term intervals ensure your child is learning and will retain the material he learns.

The Daily Journal helps improve students’ writing skills and comfort with writing.

A Project Calendar that allows parents to record time spent learning outside of the classroom. Ideal for keeping track of learning time for state reporting!

Everything you need to successfully educate your child at the low price of $19.95/month!

The Basic Extended Program is an independent homeschool program, and as such does not offer documentation of enrollment or attendance. While it is not part of the accredited school, lessons mastered through the Basic Extended Program are eligible to be transferred into Free World U’s accredited school.



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