Lakeshore Learning sent me several educational toys I thought you might be interested in—the Magnetic Discovery Centers

LL762 • Flip & Twirl Magnet Center

LL764 • Push & Pull Magnet Center

LL763 • Float & Spin Magnet Center

First though, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for cool science gadgets, for wooden toys,  and for attractive and interesting items that I can put on my bookshelves.  Combine them all into one—as Lakeshore Learning has done with these items, and I’m “sold”!

These are new toys at Lakeshore Learning, and they encourage children to explore the effects of magnetism…and play a hands-on role in making magnets flip, float, spin and twirl.  Each center demonstrates how magnets attract and repel—plus, with each activity, kids can see and feel the power of a magnetic field—which is pretty cool.  Each item includes step-by-step instructions for 4 different experiments.   You can purchase them as a set ($79.99), or individually ($29.99 each).   Each center measures 7 1⁄4″.

These toys are recommended for kids Ages: 3–6—but I’m WAY beyond six years old and I enjoy all of them!

Fun–and fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson


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