MORE Computer Programming Courses for Kids and Teens

  By Chris Yust from Homeschool Programming, Inc.


You no doubt already have the basic subjects covered in your classroom.  Reading, writing, math, history, arts, science, geography, social studies…all of these subjects have many resources available to you, and these topics were part of your own fundamental education.  But how are you going to handle Computer Science?  Today this critical subject is more important than ever, yet many teachers and homeschool parents are not sure how to get started.

The award-winning KidCoder and TeenCoder courses from Homeschool Programming, Inc. are the answer!  These self-study programming courses teach 4th – 12th grade students how to write their own computer programs, games, websites, and mobile apps from the ground up; no teacher expertise required.  Students can learn Java, C#, Visual Basic, and HTML using a fun, hands-on curriculum.

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Growing Up in the Digital Age

Kids in school today have never known life without the Internet, laptops, cell phones, and a dizzying array of computer games.  Your students may be more techno-savvy than you are.  Using email, word processing programs, web browsers, and social networking tools are probably second nature to your plugged-in children.  But how much do they really understand what is going on underneath the covers?

Who is writing all the software that your kids are using?  Computer scientists or programmers are the ones driving these innovations!  Computer programmers understand the tools, languages, and techniques needed to create new software.  While this may sound like an arcane, difficult subject, in reality computer programming is very accessible to every student.  Modern, easy-to-use programming languages and robust, free development environments can be used by anyone with the proper training.

Your Most Popular Subject

Imagine providing a subject in your homeschool that your students can’t wait to study!  Tell your kids they can learn how to write their own computer programs and games and watch their eyes light up.  You will not have to twist any arms to get those homework assignments finished!  Instead of sitting around playing video games, your students could be learning the skills necessary to write their own.

Odds are that your own computer science experience is somewhat limited.  You might never dream of trying to teach a programming language to your students based on an old FORTRAN course you suffered through 30 years ago.  Fortunately, today, the KidCoder and TeenCoder self-study courses can guide your students step-by-step through the programming process with minimal teacher involvement.  You don’t need a fancy computer lab.  If your students are already comfortable using a computer then they are ready to learn how to write their first program.

The Java, C#, Visual Basic, and HTML languages found in the KidCoder and TeenCoder curriculum are widely used in academic and professional settings today.  Skills your students build in these languages will not be thrown away as they move to the next level in school or business.  A solid foundation in these languages can support a nearly limitless variety of applications from personal computers to robotics to mobile phones.

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