A Bucket of Snow!

9 February 4:00 am
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Do you still have snow where you are?  If so, here is a fun activity–find out how much water it takes to make a bucket of snow.

What you need:

  • bucket
  • snow

What you do:

  1. Fill a bucket of snow to the very top.
  2. Set the bucket in the sun or indoors.
  3. Make a few guesses with your kids about how much water will be in the bucket after the snow melts. They’ll probably be surprised to learn how little water it takes to make a full bucket of snow.
  4. Watch it melt and compare how low the level of the water is to the height of the full bucket.

What did your children learn?

As a follow up, try this neat snowflake experiment to help kids understand how snowflakes grow and why a snowflake takes up more space than a drop of water.

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Thank you ThinkStretch for having such interesting info on your site!  And thank you for being a part of’s Freebie February!


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