Interviewing grandparents is a great project (note the Freebie today from

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your parents in your homeschooling endeavors? Not just for an interview–but to help teach, on a regular basis? Maybe you can!

Is your father an engineer or an accountant?  Does he enjoy math and science?  Is he a history buff?  An exceptional mechanic?  Does he enjoy model airplanes or flying kites?  Does he play golf?  Does he grow roses?

Does your Mom work?  What is her specialty–in the workforce and at home?  Does she run her own business?  Does she sew or embroider?  Is she a gifted artist?  Does she have a green thumb?  What are her strengths?

What talents do your parents have and can they help you in your homeschooling?

Having grandparents involved can be a win-win-win for EVERYONE–your children, your parents and you!  If grandparents live close by, they can help on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  If distance is involved, they can still assist via the internet or you can save educational time for family visits.

My kid’s grandparents know a lot about mining, genealogy, art, sewing, history, music, bike repair, antiques, home improvements and more.  They have lived overseas, can speak fluent German and my mother taught art to junior college students.   I’d be a fool not to tap into their expertise!

Can you tap into your parents’ strengths?  Everyone will benefit and it will be fun for the kids.

And as we know, fun learning is forever learning!

Ann Simpson

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