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FREE Writing Resource – The Purdue Writing Lab

 The following is taken from a blog posting by Beth Hempton.  Beth is the woman behind Classes by Beth – a company involved in this year’s Freebie February event.



One of my favorite writing resources is the Purdue University Writing Lab.  I remember when I first discovered this website. I looked for any weaknesses in the punctuation, grammar, writing skills etc. sections and I was left wanting. Could this really be an all-encompassing writing resource at my very fingertips? Apparently so!

What I like:  There are so many “likes” that I made a short list of my favorites. You’ll have to explore the writing lab to discover what you like.
                a. It’s free!  What homeschool  parent doesn’t  appreciate that price? With so many websites charging user fees these days, thank you to Purdue University for this gift.
                b. It’s comprehensive.  There may be gaps, but I haven’t found them. I often refer to this site with my students who struggle with specific skills. It has never let me down. Recently, I even utilized a Commas Powerpoint Presentation to teach lessons in my Essay Styles classes.
                c. It’s accessible.  A smart phone, tablet or computer along with internet access makes this resource easily acquired. You don’t have to even sign up for a free account!
                d. It’s searchable.  The search engine works well for me and doesn’t require specialty key words in most cases.
                e. It’s understandable.  Even my more average high school student (if there are even “average” homeschoolers) generally comprehend the explanations, definitions and examples on the Purdue site. In most cases, I find the material to be very readable and broken down into sections that allow students to absorb a small amount of information at a time.
What I don’t like:   There’s not much that doesn’t appeal to me about the Purdue Writing Lab. If I had any complaint, it would be that some of the examples are a bit worldly or not relevant to my students. But hey, the site originated for college students.
Thanks Beth for letting us know about this FREE resource!

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