Six Homeschooling Goals for 2014

21 February 4:00 am
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Six Homeschooling Goals for 2014

A Guest Blog Post Written by Jessica Parnell


What are your homeschooling goals for 2014?  A few you might want to consider include–                                               

1. Affirmation. Take a moment to reflect on your family’s journey to this point in time. Consider the amount of time that homeschooling has given you to be a part of each other’s lives in ways most families never get to experience. You are here with your children for a God-given reason. Your bond is stronger than ever. You ARE getting it right.

2. Identify Your Learning Styles. (Yes, we mean moms and dads too!) The results can help guide a parent on what to do if resistance is encountered, and provide methods for extracting the best results possible from a student.

3. Focus on the Learning Process. As adults, we have a tendency to adore our task lists, and crossing off our missions accomplished. In fact, we may put a little too much emphasis on this at times! The beauty of homeschooling lies in the ability it gives parents to make learning FUN. Even fascinating! Enjoy the process, not just the end result. You will give your child the gift of loving to learn.

4. Make it More “Hands On” and not “Bums On.” By this, I mean getting our kids off their tushies and highly involved in hands on, tactile learning experiences.  (This ties back into learning styles – tactile learning is an excellent way to really make a memory stick.) Make a pact to spend a good percentage of time engaging your kids in outdoor activities whenever possible, and limit that gaming/electronic time to a manageable level.

5. Line Up Enrichment Activities and Commit. And we mean – book ‘em in advance! Most of us start the year with fabulous intentions of museum visits, historical outings, road trips, campouts, and much, much more, but it is so easy to get swept up in our daily grind. Mark it on your calendar, and make reservations whenever possible – then you are much more likely to go.

6. Pick a Community Service Project. Homeschoolers usually engage in a project at one point or another during their journeys, but community service is something that is never a once and done thing. It is a lifelong expenditure of positive giving without limit, and it reinforces character, love, humility, unity, and all the beautiful human traits that so many communities are in need of. Give to your child, lead by example, and strengthen the bond to your community or those in need.

Super Duper Mini To-Do List

And if the major goals haven’t given you quite enough inspiration for the New Year, I have compiled a light-hearted mini list for you to refer to whenever a little pick-me-up is needed!

  •      Laugh more often, and play more games
  •      Don’t let impatience bite you, there is always time
  •      Speak encouragement only, not criticism
  •      Be aware of your precious family moments, they are fleeting
  •      Take the time to organize, it will make you more time
  •      Get things ready the night before for brighter mornings
  •      Theme your months (February – Encouraging Others; March Keeping Your Word, etc.)
  •      Remember that sometimes, less is more – no cramming allowed!

There you have it; a bevy of great motivational ideas for a brand new year of excitement and exploration ahead.

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Jessica Parnell is passionate about homeschooling.  A wife, mother and former public high school teacher, Jessica has transferred this passion into her career as Principal of Bridgeway Homeschool Academy. Jessica is dedicated to helping families understand the freedom that comes with homeschooling and empowering parents, a child’s first teacher, to feel confident in taking control of their child’s education.  

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