Finding Your Inspiration

11 March 4:00 am
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Finding Your Inspiration

This post contains excerpts from an article featured in’s January 2014 virtual magazine. 


I’ve been staring at a blank screen for hours waiting for inspiration to strike, waiting for the planets to align, waiting for my computer to magically start spitting out brilliance all on its own.  Have you ever been there?  Feeling like you have lost all your inspiration and creativity? When my inspiration has gone missing these are the places that I find it:

My Friends My friends are the biggest inspiration to me, whenever I feel like I can’t come up with another lesson plan or creative project, they are there to encourage, support and give ideas.  Kick off the New Year with a good old fashioned girl’s night in and just relax and share ideas with friends.  Not only will you find inspiration, you just might inspire someone else.

My Children – Without them there wouldn’t be a homeschool, yet we sometimes forget to include them in the homeschooling process (at least I do).  Talk to your kids about what they want to do in the New Year, what kind of things they want to learn about.  My children’s curiosity is a great source of inspiration for projects, experiments and lesson plans.  Over the summer we went on a nature walk around our neighborhood and I just listened to their natural excitement and curiosity for the world around them, when I got back home I had a list a mile long of ideas for projects and experiments all from just one walk.

Pinterest (be careful with this one, you can get sucked down this rabbit hole for hours). is the inspiration promised land.  Spend 5 minutes on there and you will have inspiration coming out of your ears.  Need a new way to organize your school room?  Need some new science experiments?  New worksheets?  It’s all on Pinterest!  It is the best homeschool resource I have.

The Book Store – This one may sound silly, but I find inspiration at Barnes and Noble. Every year my dad gets my kids a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble for Christmas.  I’m not brave enough or patient enough to take 6 kids to the book store to spend a gift certificate, so I find out what kind of books they want and go buy them for them.  I have a secret agenda with this though, shhhhh, don’t tell anyone….I use this as me time….. This is my time with my favorite store, the time that I can just browse the aisles, coffee in hand, looking for something that inspires and motivates me.  Sometimes I don’t even have to open a book to find my inspiration.  Sometimes all it takes is a title to start the wheel in my brain turning.  I always walk out of there feeling refreshed and ready to dive back into my homeschool journey.

My Own Creativity – Creativity is the pathway to inspiration.  Do something creative that you already know how to do–sew something, write something, color with your kids.  Being creative opens you up for new inspiration.  I’m terrible at drawing, but when I sit down to draw with my little girls, it opens up a part of my brain that I don’t often use.  Just sitting and drawing glorified stick figures is enough to get my creativity muscles flexing and inspiration usually isn’t far behind.

Where you find your inspiration will be different from mine, but hopefully this will get you pointed in a direction.   Inspiration isn’t hard to find, you just need to know where to look!

Jordyn C. is a homeschooling mom of 6 and Supermom in training. She admits, “I am trying to do it all and most days failing miserably.”   Jordyn invites you to follow her family’s adventures and misadventures at, and  at

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