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Need a fun, education, inspirational, celebratory dessert?

This one is SO easy and yet so fitting and festive for a treat at the end of a long homeschool day. Here are the oh-so-easy steps.

Here’s what you’ll need:

loaf cake

white icing

yellow and pink food color

chocolate icing writer

edible silver glitter/confetti


1. Make your fave boxed or from-scratch yellow-ish/vanilla cake.

(We used a box! No time for frills and from scratch right now! )

2. Pour batter into greased glass loaf cake pan and follow baking instructions.

3. After the cake is baked, cooled and removed from the pan, cut the corners off of one side of the cake so that it resembles a pencil shape.


1.  Make your fave vanilla from – scratch frosting or use your fave prepared frosting.

(Yup, you guess it. We used a can of frosting.  I do have a terrific cream cheese icing recipe here. But I didn’t want to spend too much time on fancy with this.)

2.  Now separate the icing into two small bowls.

Mix yellow ( for the pencil ) into one.

Mix pink ( for the eraser) into the other.

3.  Spread and have fun creating a “pencil” look!


1.  Using a chocolate icing writer, ice a line between the “pencil” and the “eraser” on the cake.

2.  Sprinkle edible silver confetti on top of that line of chocolate.

3. Add a touch of chocolate icing from the tube to decorate the lead at the pencil tip, as above.


Until next time,

 ~Chris at

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