Adding DIY Projects to Your Homeschool Science

is just one of the articles in’s latest e-Magazine.  You might want to check it out!  🙂


Finding inspiration, planning a project, making the project, and sharing what you’ve made with your friends is a blast!

If you think about it, tackling a DIY project is quite literally project-based learning!

And adding DIY projects to your Science curriculum – it’s a GREAT combination.

So, in the spirit of DIY education and home learning, here are some links to some great do-it-at-home science projects:

What are you interested in?  Just enter your search words! is a place for people to share what they make. Billed as the world’s largest show and tell, the site has more than 100,000 DIY projects ranging from cupcakes to robots (and also robotic cupcakes.) Plus, offers many fun contests .



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