Birdhouses: Pick in Accordance to Bird’s Habitat

Ask any birdwatcher and he or she will tell you that the first and foremost thing that matters while building or buying a birdhouse is to pick one that fits not just the birds’ needs, but also their behaviors. The best thing to do before purchasing one is to study about their behavior and to particularly do research on the types of habitats that different bird species stay in. An owl, for example, looks for the oldest of oak trees to build his nest in. Similarly, a sparrow stays in platform My Spy birdhouses that are made out of wood.

Those people who live by the countryside are particularly blessed because they are able to enjoy the chirping of the birds every day. If you love listening to birds and watching them leave as well as return to their nests, you should consider getting a birdhouse. This way, you will be able to observe them even more closely. Watching birds can be more fun than listening to them sing. That said, even if you live in a developed city, you can try your luck at attracting a few species of birds.

Your chances of doing so are higher if you have a garden or backyard at home. Birds pick their habitats very wisely. If they need water to swim and bathe in, they will build a nest on a tree that is located near a lake or pond. Therefore, when  placing a birdhouse, think about the needs of the birds. Replicate the conditions of their natural habitat and make a nesting haven for them, instead of merely building them a home.


Are you planning to make the birdhouse by yourself? Well, there are innumerable things that you can collect from your own home to make a fantastic home for the birds. Some of the ideas for creating a birdhouse are mentioned as follows:

  1. Have a board game at home that you don’t bother to play now because you have more interesting versions of the same online? Why don’t you glue these board games together into a thickness enough to build the walls of a bird’s house?
  2. If you think that the birdhouse that you have made looks a bit shabby and untidy from the outside, take some soothing colors and paint the birdhouse. But remember that you must use only organic paints to paint the birdhouse. Also, do not paint the inside walls of the birdhouse.
  3. You can use a simple plank of wood, something that you used to paint on, as a material to make a birdhouse. Make a flat, open birdhouse out of this flat board of wood. Decorate it the way you like. The most important thing, however, is to provide something for the birds to perch on.

See to it that wherever you place the birdhouse that there is a  complete arrangement for food and water. The area where you place the wooden birdhouse must not be completely deserted, yet should be remote and safe.


About My Spy BirdHouse

As the name suggests, My Spy Birdhouse is an intelligently manufactured bird house that allows you to spy or keep a watch on the tiny birds through a two way mirror. One of the special features of this product is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ curtain that can be placed over the window. To read more about this product, you can visit  There is a 30-day money back guarantee.

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