Boardshare is an unlimited (you can have 15 or more boards going at the same time—so there is no need to erase a board), interactive whiteboard that you can use anywhere, and for almost any purpose. It is a really great device.

Specifically, Boardshare

  • transforms any hard surface or LED/LCD TV into a virtual, interactive whiteboard
  • this makes it easy to present your educational materials on a large screen surface
  • it lets you create hundreds of pages of drawings and documents and toggle among them (this means you never run out of room and you don’t need to erase a board—this is one of the coolest aspects of this device!)
  • it lets you open/display any existing documents on your computer (only much bigger-and lets everyone see them easily—great for homeschool and co-op teaching, and for meetings too)
  • it lets you display web pages from your computer (only much bigger and lets everyone see them—great for homeschool and co-op teaching, and for meetings too)
  • works with interactive education software (again, only much bigger and lets everyone see—great for any and all homeschooling endeavors)
  • allows users to annotate on any screenshot, whether it is a blank digital whiteboard page, a webpage or an existing computer document, such as a PDF, a spreadsheet or a word processing file (this is really cool)
  • it lets you save your whiteboard work on your computer and digitally share it with others or work on it later—this is by far my favorite aspect of the device. Great for saving important info, and sharing it with those that aren’t good note takers. You can just e-mail or print out work that was created in a meeting/class
  • minimalizes the need for class or meeting handouts due to the above
  • it lets you interact in real-time with remote teams using existing web conferencing tools—great for educational and work situations
  • is portable so you can move from one location to another and create a virtual intelligent whiteboard almost anywhere


You can see a video of Boardshare here

Other interesting aspects of the device—

  • it offers an array of tools, including virtual pens, erasers, highlighters, and colors—all fun, and easy to use
  • the digital stylus is a writing tool and it also works just like a mouse
  • the wand is an extra—and very nice to have, especially if teaching groups, or using in a work environment.

As mentioned above, the Boardshare device is small and portable—which is nice—but I did have to do the following:

  • install Boardshare to mycomputer
  • download Microsoft .NET framework to my computer
  • get a projector
  • purchase a cord to connect Boardshare to the projector

There is a GREAT video here that walks you through the set up process. This video is very helpful, and should be watched. All of the set-up is worth it, the first time you use Boardshare and you realize you can capture, store and distribute all your work.

To use a real-life work example—

  • Our conference room is only big enough for three white boards—with this device, you can have 100 boards or more!
  • Often during a meeting, we fill all three whiteboards and have to erase one to keep going. So we ask everyone if they have the info they need written down before we proceed. Sometimes we take a picture of the board with our phones before we erase. Sometimes we forget. As you can imagine, a white board has been erased once or twice, that we wish we could have back. “Did you get that?” “No—did you?” With this device, you no longer have to erase a board to make room for new ideas or more to-do lists. You just “make” a new one—and it’s easy peasy. No more erasing something REALLY important by mistake!
  • And that person that NEVER takes notes, that should—no problem! We can e-mail the white board notes to him!

I can certainly see how this would be a great device for homeschooling, co-op classes, church classes and more. Because really, this device is SUPER!


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