Homeschool Science Fun – An Explosive Volcano Cake

(This is just one of the FUN Homeschool Science articles in our most

recent e-Magazine, entitled Science Anyone?)

volcano 1

Some time ago, we threw a

Science-themed party for my son’s 9th!

The party activities, favors, and prizes all connected to science in some way.

As did the “explosive” cake that we concocted for the birthday boy.

It’s easy and fun!

 What you need:

* your fave cake mix

* chocolate and vanilla frosting

* red icing writer

* plastic palm trees

* plastic dinosaurs

* number candle

* various sized round baking pans

* wooden board for cake display/aluminum foil


1.  Bake cake in varying sized round pans.
2.  Assemble cooled cake, once taken from pans, on top of one another using frosting as “glue” between the layers.   This is your “volcano” and can be sloppily assembled to look more realistic! You can even take some small “chunks” of cake to sprinkle around the final cake as rocks.  Pumice/ obsidian?
3.  Frost volcano using both flavors as well as red icing for lava.
4.  Arrange dinos and trees as you like and enjoy!


Until next time,



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