Calvert Education offers a high school program that provides–

  • A focus on college readiness
  • Different educational options to meet your family’s needs.  These include Calvert Classic, Calvert Plus and Calvert Academy.  This flexibility is very nice
  • Calvert Classic is designed for families who want to homeschool their 9th grader with the parent as the primary instructor. This program option is consistent with the way many families currently utilize the Calvert curriculum for their K-8 students. The Calvert Classic package includes all elements of the Calvert curriculum, including access to a rich array of digital courses as well as printed guides on a course-by-course basis. In addition, parents have access to Calvert’s Education Counselors for advice and information throughout the year
  • Calvert Plus is designed for families who want to homeschool their student, but who may need additional support in specific courses to meet their student’s needs. These families use Calvert Classic plus Live Instruction in specific classes and in supplemental ways. Parents may choose other individual services from a menu of options
  • Calvert Academy The Calvert Academy is designed for families who want their 9th grade student to attend an online high school full-time.  Students attend Calvert High School for all their courses and receive Live Instruction in every course
  • All options include a robust curriculum, including core courses, electives, world language courses, and AP courses (very thorough)
  • All options offer a primarily digital program with supplementary analog content. The curriculum for high school students is primarily delivered in an online digital format but students and parents are also provided with an analog printed learning guide to orient and frame the online work. In some courses, such as the lab sciences, additional supplementary resources are included
  • All digital content is on a Learning Management System (LMS) –which uses video, audio and collaborative content, and provides an interactive and multi-sensory learning environment
  • Pacing options—students can choose a traditional school year, or a self-paced option (I like this!)
  • Academic advising and guidance counseling are available (very helpful)
  • Plus so much more!

One of the things that separates Calvert from other online options, is that they use a Learn, Use, Teach pedagogy which takes students out of the virtual world, asks them to work with what they know/explore topics and ideas in ways that have meaning to them, and helps them create an understanding about what they learn. This is great—and certainly helps with retention.


  • Learn.  Students gather information through a variety of means—on the computer, out in the world, and through the exploration of both abstract and concrete concepts
  • Use.  Students manipulate information—they test its validity, look at it from cross-curricular perspectives, connect bits of information, and gauge the reliability of information
  • Teach.  Students actively engage with others to understand information—they use data to solve real-life challenges, involve others in understanding how information connects, or draw on others’ perspectives to synthesize a broader perspective. Since each Teach aspect results in some sort of academic product, each student’s Teach work is collected into a portfolio and becomes part of the student’s academic record—which is  pretty cool!

To view the Calvert High School Program Guide, click here.


If your kids aren’t quite ready for High School, pre-K-8th Grade is available from Calvert as well.

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