NanoSpace, a new, web-based, virtual theme park has been designed for children in 5th through 8th grades. NanoSpace encourages kids to explore the world of atoms and molecules with free games, activities and short animations in a fun-filled amusement park and learning environment. An educational resource guide is also available for educators. Visit and click on NanoSpace (

NanoSpace takes kids through a virtual “retro-futuristic” amusement park where they can choose from over
30 activities and games found in the arcade and series of parks called H20 Park, Materials Boulevard, DNA
Land, and Sizes of the Universe.

Games and activities are designed for all levels, ranging from the basic levels in H2O Park to the most
advanced areas within DNA Land.

The five new short animations located throughout the parks tackle complicated concepts – such as
DNA and atoms – through lighthearted dialogue and vivid graphics with Mel, the Molecularium
computer character. These animations can be viewed independently, or as part of a class

Highlights of Activities and Games in NanoSpace include:

Molecule of the Moment –The floating molecule at the center of the Hall of Atoms and Molecules
changes to a different molecule every time you enter. Clicking on it expands the molecule, gives you
information and allows you to spin the molecule around.

In the Parks

o MicroLab – Check out a wide range of amazing microscopic imagery. Use a variety of different virtual microscopes (Optical, Electron and Scanning) to zoom in and examine the images. See what magnified fish scales, spider eyes and pollen look like.
o Periodic Memory Game – Learn the Periodic Table of elements through a fun, animated memory-style game. But you need to beat the clock; otherwise, you’ll have to start all over.
o Carbon is Incredible – Take a ride in a nanotube elevator to explore different forms of pure carbon: diamonds, graphite, bucky-balls, graphene.
o Who wants to be a Quidecillionaire? – Answer multiple choice questions about water, following the popular game show. Build on your correct answers, but give the wrong answer and you fall back to the bottom.

In the Arcade

Wander through the tunnel lit with neon green lights and find exciting arcade games.

o Electronz – Aim at electrons to build the electronic structure of an atom by filling its electron shells. The Periodic Table is the level chart, so users can build an atom of any element. But timing is everything with this game; avoid electron collisions, which will weaken your shield.
o Build’em – Learn to build molecules from atoms by clicking and dragging the correct molecules that match your “model.” Discover examples of how each molecule is used in the real world  Start at water and work your way up to the complex structure of Novocain.
o Atomatic – Fire atoms to build target molecules to reveal how certain atoms “attach” to each other while others bounce off in this carnival-style game.

Educator Resources

The Molecularium® Project includes free resources for educators complete with Teachers Guides, quizzes, crossword puzzles, printable posters and short animations that explain concepts such as:

o What are Atoms? – An introduction to atoms and molecules
o H2O Planet – Explores Earth’s water cycle at a molecular level
o What is Nano? – Powers of 10 zoom to the nanoscale
o Material World – Introduction to the science of materials
o Software of Life – Introduction to DNA

Wow–so much information!

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