Pizza Math and Homeschool Science

May 20, 2014
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From trendy pizza trucks to gluten-free crust, and that all-time favorite – plain cheese – pizza is a must-have meal for millions. Turn any pizza party (real or pretend) into tasty math and science with activities.

What Is Pizza Made Of?

By now, you’ve probably been told all pizza is totally bad for you. But, is that entirely true?  Dissect a slice to learn what nutrients pizza offers for the brain and nervous system. To find out, let’s look closer at what makes pizza a good pizza by investigating the ingredients of cheese, flour, and yeast.

  • Cheese – According to a homemade cheddar cheese recipe, cheese is made of cow’s milk (or goat’s milk), calcium chloride, water, a culture packet, Rennet, and sea salt. Not bad, though some would argue that you should definitely use the goat’s milk.
  • Flour – Made from wheat plants, flour is a pretty all-natural ingredient. Depending on your dietary needs, you Pizza is a tasty treat for math and science activities! can find gluten-free flours and all-purpose flours as well as whole wheat flours.
  • Yeast – Yeast is its own product (cells) made of Saccharomyces cerevisiae when used in baking/cooking.

As you can see, the ingredients themselves aren’t too shabby. As long as you don’t load your pizza up with 10 pounds of toppings, pizza can actually be a relatively healthy food, especially when made from scratch at home.

How Can You Use Pizza for Math or Homeschool Science?

Do you feel like you might need an excuse to order in a delicious heavenly pizza pie? Try incorporating pizza into your math or science studies and you’ll definitely have a need for this Italian delight!

  • Math:
  • Science: 
    • The art of making pizza itself makes for a great homeschool science experiment for young children!
    • Make 3D pizza! You’ll just need cardboard and felt pieces for cheese and toppings.
    • Conduct a pizza topping taste test to see how many children like each topping. Add another spin on this by using a blindfold!

Pizza is a delicious treat that lends itself to fun math and science activities. Cook up some fun with your children when you immerse yourself in some of these activities!