North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands is the perfect place to enjoy the beach, explore, learn and have fun with family and friends. As a homeschool mom of two active boys I am always looking for places we can visit that will be both fun and educational. The Brunswick Islands deliver on both accounts. Here are a few places you and your children are sure to enjoy!



Historic Site

This site is host to several special events so it would be the perfect field trip to follow a study on the Civil War.  If you would like to do a study with your kids around Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson but don’t know where to gather your information I would encourage you to visit their website as it offers some great historical materials, including books, that you can use during your history lesson.  This is THE perfect place to take a step back in time.

When visiting this Pre-Revolutionary port on North Carolina’s Cape Fear River you may bump into an archaeologist as this is one of the sites in the United States where artifacts are still being discovered. You will have the opportunity to learn about and walk through the town of Brunswick, Fort Anderson and St. Philip’s Anglican Church.  Then, you won’t want to miss the indoor museum and historical video that is shown in the Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson Visitors Center.



North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport

This one room museum is full of fascinating facts, rich history and fun. Keep your curious little ones busy with a scavenger hunt that will reap a great reward when completed or enjoy one of the many educational programs that they offer.  North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport  provides several program topics for groups that include Pirates, Civil War Blockade Runners, People and the Sea, Water and Weather and many more.  They also offer Historic Costumed Guided  Tours, lectures and Hands on activities specifically for Homeschool Groups.



Ingram Planetarium

This is a fabulous place to visit for all of those little, and big, star gazers out there.  The Planetarium offers several shows including Undiscovered Worlds, Astronaut, Dynamic Earth, Seven Wonders, Led Zeppelin and more.  The Astronaut show is amazing! After watching it your children will want to head to the beach to gaze at the stars and find all those constellations they learned about in the movie.

The Paul Dennis Science Hall is located in the same building as the Planetarium.  It is small with some fun hands on exhibits.  Be prepared to experience Category 1 hurricane force winds in their Hurricane Simulator.  The Science Hall is free to visit and the Simulator costs $2 to enjoy.

The Ingram Planetarium hosts several educational seminars so be sure to check out their website before visiting as you may want to plan your field trip or vacation around their special events.



Museum of Coastal Carolina

Great museum for those who are curious and love the ocean.  This museum contains a lot of educational, hands on and informative exhibits and galleries.  Their Ocean Reef Gallery is amazing.  If you want to experience walking on the ocean floor without actually walking on the ocean floor then you have to visit the Museum of Coastal Carolina’s Ocean Reef Gallery.  It is one of the most informative and unique exhibits that I have experienced.  My family and I could have spent all day figuring out which sea creatures were “swimming’ around us.

The museum also has a very large touch tank that kids and adults will love, a fun area with a boat for the little kids to play in, and a fossil dig for everyone. This museum is a great learning experience that you will not want to miss out on!

The museum hosts several community and family events.  So check out their website before visiting so you can plan accordingly.  You may want to try to schedule your visit around the Touch Tank Feeding!


There is so much to do in North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands.  Whether you are planning a family vacation, field trip for your homeschool group or a day trip make sure you set aside some time to relax at one of their beautiful beaches!


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Jennifer is a homeschooling mom who loves to get out and explore with her husband and two very active boys. Visit her at her at, then share your adventures with her on twitter at @JennParkerson . She’s also on Google+

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