Mini101-things-Summer-2014-slider’s 101 Things To Do This Summer list is a great antidote for summer boredom–and summer brain drain!

Examples of FUN things to do include–

11. Make (and eat) some butterflies! Yes, you read that correctly! Learn why a good breakfast benefits you the rest of the day.

35. Have a neighborhood outdoor game day. Revisit 4-square; Red Rover, Red Rover; Duck, Duck, Goose; and Mother May I. Or better yet, learn some new games!

61. Make and fly a kite. There are 19 kite possibilities at Learn about lift, drag, and gravity at this link –

66. Bake cookies on the dashboard of your car (with your parent’s permission, of course)! Learn the science behind this activity.

Want some more ideas?  You can see the entire list here and/or you can read our Summer Fun (summer education) magazine here (every article in the magazine relates to the 101 Things To Do This Summer list).



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