Summer – full of hot dog roasts, swim parties, fireworks, lightening bugs, family vacations, lazy mornings…and at some point, that spoken statement that almost all parents dread, “I’m bored”!

In response to this age old conundrum (really, how can they be bored when there is so much fun to be had?), we’ve compiled a list of 101 ideas to keep your children’s minds and bodies busy during the summer months. Many are suitable for kids to complete on their own, some require parental permission and others can be completed as a family.

Want an idea of what kinds of things are on the list?  How about this?




You can see all 101 Things To Do This Summer here.

And fyi–our Summer Fun magazine is tied to the 101 Things To Do This Summer list!  Every article relates to the list.  You might want to check it out!




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