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25 August 4:00 am
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Blog1.VeronicaWallace.Image an easy to use and comprehensive record keeping system


Since 2002, has been enabling homeschool teachers to track, organize, and record all of their student’s education from kindergarten to high school. Homeschoolers themselves, the husband and wife team have always put simplicity in the design while still maintaining a large feature set. has numerous lesson planning tools as well as some uncommon but highly useful portfolio tracking options like volunteer work and organization involvements.

With such a long history in the homeschool record keeping realm, has used a simple design and helpful wizards to help members quickly understand the system and start using it while not being confused with unneeded options and cluttering the screen with an abundance of input controls. Homeschoolers need to be teaching and not fighting with an overly complex system.

To start, sign up is quick and easy, and everyone gets a free month long trial. After the trial, you easily subscribe for a price much lower than its competitors – helping your wallet. Once you sign up, so long as you maintain your subscription, your locked-in annual price will never go up. A tremendous help for long-term homeschooling on a budget.

After signup, walks its members through an initial setup of students and terms. After that, it is off to the races. The navigational structure is color coded and the sections are comparable to a traditional school so it quite easy to navigate. After initial setup, you then proceed to create each student’s classes and lesson plans.

The lesson plan tools include Create-A-Plan, Share-A-Plan, copying plans, and rescheduling. Create-A-Plan has two options: Quick Split and Rapid Repeat. Quick Split is used to break out materials in evenly divisible lesson plans. For example, you can break out a 483 page book into 36 lessons plans of 13-14 pages a piece. Rapid Repeat allows you to create repeating assignments like reading units 1, 2, 3, and so on or create commonly scheduled events, like “soccer practice” or “piano lesson”. Regardless of which Create-A-Plan option you use, walks you through a step by step wizard to help select options like materials, grade type, days to schedule class, any days off, and Share-A-Plan before generating your lesson plans. It takes less than a minute to create an entire year’s worth of lesson plans.

The Share-A-Plan tool allows you to use the same lesson plan for multiple children. This feature is great for students enrolled in the same grade (like twins or triplets) or enrolled in the same class. You only enter the lesson plan in once, but the system creates it in both students’ classes. For multiple students, the Copy Plan feature allows to select any or all of one student’s lesson plans into another student’s class. An awesome time saving tool when younger students start entering grades and classes that their elder siblings completed.

And for those homeschoolers that assign dates to lesson plans, the rescheduling tool is a life saver. We all know life happens, kids get sick, appointments run long and the assignments for the day are not completed. Not a problem. allows you to easily reschedule your assignments so that you stay on track. Just a couple of clicks, and your homeschool is back in order.

Speaking of staying on track, the student’s profile page gives great visual feedback on where each student stands with respect to class assignment completion as well as days and hours attended. To stay on top of things, offers 2 different automated options for date and hour tracking. It also has automatic grading options with default and customized settings. All of the automation is simple to use and saves you time and energy.

Of course, no record keeping system would be complete without downloadable reports. has numerous reports including lesson plans, transcripts, report cards, standardized testing, event attendance and the list goes on.

While this article does not contain all the features of, it would be much better to signup yourself and take advantage of its free trial. If you do happen to run into any questions, has numerous tutorial videos, helpful forums, email and a toll-free phone support.

Use for your recording keeping needs; you will be glad you did.


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