7 Resources that Help Students Spell Words Write  🙂

Written by Katie Funk


People say that spelling is an obsolete skill because we have spell checkers. That is sadly untrue because word misuse is technically a spelling mistake, which is why spell checkers will never replace actual knowledge.  Still, there are plenty of spelling mistakes that spelling and grammar checkers will notice, so here are some resources that will help you spell your words correctly.

1 – Proofread with Grammarbase

Grammarbase assigns one of their professionals to your work and they can get it back to you within three hours. Their proofreading service catches issues that spelling and grammar checkers are not going to catch, such as if you use the “principle” instead of “principal” or if you use “lay” instead of “lie.” Plus, there is customer support for people that have questions.

They use a secured network to operate their proofreading service. It simply offers another layer of protection from outsiders trying to see your text. They have a great team of seasoned professionals that look over your work with a high degree of professionalism. Their prices are fair, which is also why they have such a good online reputation. If your work is already near perfect then you will see that they do not make changes for the sake of it.

2 – Better Writing Skills

This is not so much a tool, but it is a resource that  helps you write a little better. There is little point in improving your spelling if your writing is repetitive and boring. If you are a good writer, you can work on improving your spelling as you write.

3 – Grammark

This tool isn’t perfect, but is a good second defense against spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. It is the sort of tool you should use after you have already used a spelling and grammar checker. It will pick up the straggling mistakes that the other spelling and grammar checkers didn’t catch.

4 – White Smoke

This is a tool that  helps  improve your writing skill,s and helps improve your spelling too.  Though, you should probably check with a dictionary to be sure that the word it suggests is actually the most apt for what you are trying to get across to the reader. There is a cost to this service.

 5 – Reverso

This is a great tool you can use to improve your writing and your spelling, and you can even improve it in a different language. It may be the most intelligent spelling and grammar checker on this list because it automatically corrects some of your more obvious mistakes. It even picks up on word misuse, which is very good if you are checking your work for college or to send off somewhere official. The functions of this tool are too numerous to mention in this small article, suffice it to say you should try this tool.

 6 – Polishing My Writing

This is a very simple spelling and grammar checker that is not that dissimilar to the spelling and grammar checker that comes with your word processor. Just like Grammark, it is a tool that is better used after running your text through another spelling and grammar checker.

7 – Spell Check Plus

This is a great spelling and grammar checker because it catches a lot of mistakes that other tools simply do not catch. It is very good when it comes to comma errors, especially if you are the type of person that adds too many or too few letters too a word. It is also very clever when it comes to work misuse. There are literally hundreds of words that students use incorrectly all the time. They are technically spelling mistakes if they sound phonetically similar, and Spell Check Plus helps you find them. The tool is free to use and if you give a yearly donation they let you check more text in one sitting–though there is no limit to how many times you may use it per day for free.

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