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Bouncey? Buncee? Yes, buncee. It’s a noun and a verb. Buncee: (n) a web-based creation tool where you incorporate all forms of multimedia onto a shareable, digital canvas. Buncee: (v) creating a buncee about a topic.

Visit the Buncee website by clicking here.’s simple cloud based, online creation platform allows children, their parents or their teachers the ability to create anything from digital stories and multimedia research reports, to presentations and projects, all while operating within their own virtual classroom.

By dragging and dropping elements, users can combine backgrounds, stickers, and animations with any form of multimedia to make a digital, shareable creation. With photos, videos, drawings, audio, links, and buncee artwork, your children’s experiences and lessons become engaging travel scrapbooks, digital stories, research projects, and more. Simply put, we give you the tools and you make the choices; the power is in your hands!

The tools we offer in one screen, or as we call it the “one and done” screen, allow for the ease of creating any kind of message or story. Within seconds, you and your children can create a one slided holiday project or create a 10 slided multimedia rich presentation buncee for lessons and research reports.

Watch a video of the creation process here , and take a second to look at the examples below to see what you and your students can create!


buncee book project.


A buncee field trip


A Buncee Lesson On The Seasons


Buncee Digital Story


Why is buncee the perfect tool for homeschool education? It is a creative way to learn while practicing 21st century skills and having fun. That’s it! This fun, educational tool helps students develop the technological skills required in today’s new world. This is our children’s world, and combining the way they play with the way they learn is the key to a successful education. Buncee’s value is in its ability to instill the most essential 21st century skills in your child, all while feeling like play.

Ken Kay, CEO of EdLeader21, defines four skills students need to develop in his “7 Steps for Becoming a 21st Century School or District.” These skills, the 4C’s, are Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Communication, which are all utilized and strengthened when using buncee. How? Well, bunceeing promotes these values, especially creativity, in a very unique way, as students learn while having fun.

Crafting a buncee is in itself a creative activity.Arranging stickers, animations, and quotes in a buncee, selecting the artwork and designs, and deciding what media to insert calls for creativity and imagination. By practicing these skills, your children will not just be consumers of content, but creators of content! What’s even better is that due to its accessibility, you can buncee all the time. You can buncee on the train, and you can buncee in a plane – assuming there is wifi :). As Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

If your children are working in groups, all the better. Group work on buncee means collaboration. While creating, your students will have to distribute specific roles, make design decisions, provide feedback and constructive criticism, and learn to work as a team, building off one another. Whether they’re making a digital story with personal photos, or choosing one of Gooru’s history or science videos for their research report, your children will need to collaborate together to sculpt the best product they can, just as they will in any profession of our 21st century world.

Critically thinking and analyzing media is a unique talent, but successfully converting these analyses into a creative product is an even more unique talent. As we’re exposed to infinite amounts of media on a daily basis, making sure your child is a smart, critical thinker is truly important. When creating on buncee, children will have to determine what kinds of media will add to their message and be of value to their audience. From Google images to YouTube videos, students’ media choices should help their buncee shine while still delivering their message.

Born from the idea that the best and most necessary kind of communication is both personal and creative, buncee is at it’s core a communication tool. Buncee’s CEO created the tool when wanting to send a personalized digital thank you note to the doctors who worked with the Daniella Maria Arturi Foundation, her medical research foundation that raises money for the research of Diamond Blackfan Anemia. She needed a tool that was flexible, that enabled her to visually communicate the message she wished to convey, and so came buncee.

As buncee hopes to help the world communicate creatively, we understand the importance of incorporating and strengthening the 4C’s in all users! Effective communication through digital media is important, but what is most important, though, is that creating on buncee is fun!


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