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Explore Lulu Jr.  & How Writing Stories

Benefits You and Your Child


Deciding to home educate your children affords many advantages, from the flexibility of choosing your own schedule based on your needs, to the endless hands-on learning opportunities in museums, galleries or just outdoors, and, finally, crafting your children’s learning experience to fit their needs and goals. One of the more favorable advantages, however, is being in control of your child’s curriculum and exploring skills that are most important to you and your child.

One skill that’s an important part of early childhood education is creative writing. Professor Gail E. Tompkins, a professor of literacy and early education at California State University and author of numerous books touting the benefits of learning composition skills from an early age, has consistently underscored this statement and has outlined seven unique benefits for children writing stories. These are:

  1. to provide entertainment for the child and others
  2. to foster artistic expression
  3. to explore functions and values of writing
  4. to stimulate imagination
  5. to clarify thinking processes
  6. to search for and identify the child’s identity
  7. to improve reading and writing skills

Facilitating the exploration of your child’s imagination through storytelling and creative writing has typically taken the shape of a journal, telling stories on ruled pages at a predictable tempo. But, as with many areas of education, this is becoming a trend of the past, especially for younger students that are exposed to technology at an early stage.

Lulu Jr.’s Education Programs offer free, online book-publishing programs designed to support writing and language arts curriculum through project based learning, communication and collaboration. The result is a finished book either authored independently by your child or authored collaboratively with your other children or their friends. Either way, the experience will inspire creativity, strengthen literacy skills and build self-esteem. To learn more about these programs, visit and click on the Teachers tab.

There are many other experts in childhood education joining Professor Thompkins in her support of introducing children to creative writing early. The benefit for the child and parent are perhaps most clearly summarized by the words of Pam Allen, a world-renowned literacy expert, author and motivational speaker. Allen states, “By engaging in the act of writing, we are engaging in the valuing of life, valuing one another, and valuing the precious moments we share. Writing will also bring you closer to your child because it will give you access to his wonderfully complex inner life.”

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